EU DROPS Customized Wireless Headphones $449

Ultimate Ears has unveiled a new line of true wireless earbuds that are custommade for each user. UE DROPS are the first truly wireless custommade earbuds and are shaped just for your ears. Available in three different colors: sapphire, rose quartz, and onyx, the wireless earbuds are priced at $449.


UE DROPS uses the company’s patented FitKit process to create a completely custom impression of your unique ear print. After you place an order for UE DROPS, Ultimate Ears will send you a home FitKit that you will use to take 3D measurements of your ears from the comfort of your home with a companion app for iOS and Android to guide you through the process. . process. Once you’ve completed the sculpting process, simply send your kit back to Ultimate Ears and they’ll handcraft your UE DROPS to your exact specifications.

EU DROPS features

Custom molded wireless earbuds

“Imagine if everyone wore the same glasses, there would be a sea of ​​the same. Similarly, we are destroying the headphone industry. Now your personality – and your ears – can really stand out,” said Jonah Stowe, General Manager of Ultimate Ears. “At UE DROPS, we’ve combined the best of both worlds – audiophilequality sound in a visually stunning design that defies convention and highlights your personal style.”


“The customization process uses the signature FitKit home kit to create a oneofakind print of the user’s ears. After ordering UE DROPS wireless earbuds online, FitKit is shipped within a few days for the customer to complete home setup using the FitKit app. FitKit is back and UE DROPS are handcrafted from the user’s unique ear print. The result is accurate sound quality in vibrant style.”

EU DROPS colors

“UE DROPS offers 22 hours of playback, including 8 hours of streaming (5.5 hours in transparent mode), plus 14 hours of charging from the included charging case, and a fiveminute “quick charge” for an hour of playback. Dual microphones and a 9.2mm speaker deliver clear and balanced sound and excellent isolation from external noise.”

Source: Ultimate Ears

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