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Fu Yun Chi

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders said on Thursday that Twitter’s decision to lay off thousands of employees raised concerns about the social network’s ability to comply with a new legal framework aimed at digital platforms.

The Digital Services Act (DSA), which will take effect in February 2024, requires digital platforms to step up their efforts to combat illegal content online.

Didier Reynders traveled to Dublin, Ireland, to meet with Twitter officials to seek clarification from the social network, a European Commission spokesman told Reuters.

“Twitter reaffirmed the company’s commitment to full compliance with European regulations. Commissioner Reynders has taken note of this and asked Twitter to turn this commitment into concrete action,” the official, who requested anonymity, added.

The new European system provides that companies subject to the DSA risk fines of up to 6% of their global turnover if they violate the rules on illegal content. They may even be banned from working in the European Union if their offenses are repeated.

Twitter has launched a massive layoff plan after it was bought out by Elon Musk last month. Almost half of the employees of the social network have been fired, and more than 1,000 employees have quit.

(Report by Fu Yong Chi; French version by Camille Raynaud)

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