Euveka robot mannequins target international market

Euveka, based in Valencia, continues its path of innovation with robotic mannequins designed to improve the cut of clothing in order to better tailor it to customer needs. Building on its success, the company is now targeting the international market.

The dissonance between the morphology of French women and clothing collections. It was this observation that Audrey-Laure Bergenthal came up with the idea to found Euveka a few years ago, which in 2015 was awarded the Short Eco Trophies for innovation. clothes are designed on a morphology scale of 8, adapted to a very small number of women from size 44. This paradox hurts both brands, two-thirds of whose collections, on average, do not cover more than half the population. but also many women who end up with badly cut clothes. To solve the problem at the source, Audrey-Laure Bergenthal came up with mannequin robots capable of switching from one morphology to another in less than 90 seconds. First time in Europe.

Calibrated Collections to Limit Losses

A tool for designing, inspecting and presenting garments, Euveka mannequins can be used “to replicate a client’s morphology for custom tailoring, or even replicate a typical morphology in every size in a ready-to-wear logic,” emphasizes the entrepreneur. With morphology data processing software that rejects different bodies according to sizes and morphologies (O, H, A, X, V), they allow modellers to evaluate the visualization of their products and design clothes that won’t wear just one shape. morphology. An important point to limit unsold brands and customer returns.

Innovate as you conquer new markets

In parallel, Euveka is working on the development of a recommendation tool that can indicate the exact percentage of coverage of the population for each item of clothing. Audrey-Laure Bergenthal explains: “Through the mannequins it will be possible to assess the tension points of the garment and the dimensions that need to be changed to improve the product. Since the launch of its first prototypes a year ago, Euveka robots have conquered many brands, including Etam, Nike, Adidas, La Fée Maraboutée, Ralph Lauren… not to mention its historical partner, Chanel. In the growth phase, the company wants to accelerate its international rollout and is targeting the American and Asian markets. In a few days, a fundraiser will be launched to support its development. Expected amount 5 million euros.

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