Everything you need to know about the Pyrenean Sheepdog

Origin of the Pyrenean Sheepdog

Like all French Shepherds, Origin of the Pyrenean Shepherd not exactly known. This clever dogloyal and energetic, worked as a shepherd for a long time. Served as a communications dog during the war of 1914-1918. We distinguish the long-haired Pyrenean Sheepdog, which is often confused with the Briard, from the pure-faced Pyrenean Sheepdog.

Physique of the Pyrenean Shepherd

  • size: from 40 to 52 cm in a female, from 40 to 54 cm in a male;
  • weight: from 9 to 10 kg (up to 15 kg for the short-faced Pyrenean Shepherd Dog);
  • coat: fluffy and slightly wavy in the long-haired Pyrenean Shepherd; short and thin, especially on the head, in the short-faced Pyrenean Shepherd Dog;
  • hair color: fawn, charcoal, gray, blue, brindle or black;
  • head shape: triangular, flattened above and with a noticeable furrow;
  • eye shape and color: almond-shaped, dark brown, very expressive;
  • ear shape: triangular, with pointed ends, flat and hanging.

The nature of the Pyrenean Shepherd

If the Pyrenean Sheepdog is quite small, it compensates for this with its will, courage and impressive nervous strength. This playful and energetic dog daily need to spend, and prefers the countryside to apartment life. Thanks to his temperament, he is used as a working dog, and for children he becomes an excellent playmate. He is also a very good guard dog. He excels in agility and cani-cross.

The Pyrenean Sheepdog can have certain behavioral problems and a tendency to bark if not trained. It is very important to socialize him and channel his energy very early, especially since he tends to bark a lot.

Pyrenean Shepherd Health

The solid, Pyrenean Sheepdog rarely gets sick if it is well fed, and its life expectancy is an average of 14 years. It is mainly predisposed to skin diseases such as demodicosis or pyotraumatic dermatitis. On the other hand, it is relatively unaffected by the most common diseases such as hip dysplasia, which only affects 9% Pyrenean Sheepdogs approximatelybased on data from OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals).

This foodie tends to only put on a little weight. Its coat should be combed once a week, and preferably daily in spring and autumn, during the molting period. Lastly, keep an eye on his ears to avoid parasites.

Price of the Pyrenean Shepherd

Calculate from 900 to 1500 euros depending on its origin, then an average of 40 euros of the monthly budget (food, veterinarian, groomer…).

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