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Evil West will finally release on November 22, 2022 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. What is this TPS worth in cowboy country? I tested it for you on PS5.

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  • Fight alone or with a friend in explosive battles
  • Myths and legends are back in a narrative campaign with Wild West sauce
  • Upgrade your monster hunter abilities, weapons and gear





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Evil West Pitch is a vampire spaghetti western!

Evil West is a third-person action game, a wild mixture of God of War and Devil May Cry! This Wild West hack and slash from Focus Entertainment and Flying Wild Hog is long overdue as its release date was originally announced for September 2022. For my part, I’ve been waiting for this, because it’s not every day that we get the opportunity to interact with vampires in the context of the Wild West. As for the presentation, Robert Rodriguez’s Night in Hell evokes good memories.

Thus, the action takes place in a half-Western, half-vampire universe. You play as Jesse Rentier, a bounty hunter who specializes in hunting monsters. His father seems to run the largest office specializing in the demon hunting business. Simply put, you must kill all the nasty creatures trying to take over. You will be accompanied by your sinister partner Edgard, who will sometimes chat with you, sometimes save your ass in tense moments.

Don’t miss my video test of the Evil West on Vega TV:

Evil West – Hack’n Slash gameplay is messy but fast-paced

Old school arcade grip

The gameplay of Evil West is terribly reminiscent of the grip of God of War. You will control Jesse from behind, in a third-person view. You, as promised, will kill everything that moves. Lots of chests litter your path, and you’ll often have to crawl between two walls, under an obstacle. In short, if this reminds you of the mechanics of a certain Kratos, do not strain yourself, this is normal.

Don’t expect to explore or get lost on endless maps because there is only one road. The adventures are terribly written. You will follow a clear path. We also surf more in a rail shooter than we do in a study title. However, it allows us to focus on what the Wicked West has to offer us: action and rhythm.

western on fire

It heats up quickly, so your area will never be cold!

To protect yourself, you will have to use your entire arsenal. Going from punches to hand-to-hand combat, to defensive punch, past pistol, rifle, shotgun and so on, the title gives you its mechanics with gradation. He does it. As you progress through the first two chapters, you will gradually evolve and become a real machine of destruction. And when you unlock the family weapon, which includes the functions of the telekinetic order, you will absolutely love it.

This weapon consists of a completely magical gauntlet that doubles as a harpoon and shield, very stylish! Finally, a very brief skill tree allows you to upgrade your weapons, your gear, and your skills. There are no RPGs or light RPGs here either, we stay on the surface, focusing on the action. However, while basic, this skill tree is not very intuitive, and it’s not always easy to figure out which attribute we’re improving with which lever. Moreover, the developers have even written places here and there that allow you to reload the tree with reimbursement for updates … CQFD.

evil west skill tree

The skill tree is in fashion!

Enjoyable, even if too repetitive

On paper and in the first 2 hours of the game, the recipe was a hit. Far from reaching the surgical acumen of Dead Space, we evolve and grow with Jesse to unlock his power. This is a leg. Also, while the enemy bestiary is repetitive, it’s stylish and attractive. Unfortunately, the feeling of excitement will gradually give way to an increasingly boring form of repetitiveness. Personally, I took the leg and still take it, but it is clear that quickly, you will have the impression that you are always doing the same thing. If the enemies and movements do the job, it’s the level design that is very repetitive. Between dodging, shooting, punching, and opening chests, there isn’t much you can do.

Boss fights suffer from the same recidivism mechanic. As for the paths to follow, you’ll all too often reach a turning point where you’ll be locked out because the title absolutely suggests that you’ve previously interacted with another anecdotal element. This feeling of absolute necessity to do what the game expects is quite unpleasant and sometimes infantile…especially when the path is open but the game is invisibly blocking you.

So, I would like to warn you as this is a flaw in the game, but I would also like to insist that I had fun! Brain off, we take control and we discover adventure while he farts and screams all over the place. We are clearly in the arcade spirit, which I love. All this will take you from 10 to 15 hours of your time. The online part is quite anecdotal and will allow an online person to help you in the most difficult situations, but nothing interesting in the long run.

evil western boss

The bosses are varied, but the fights are repeated.

Technical – Big show on a budget

Game limits of 50 euros…

The technique of the Evil West blows either hot or cold. For a title of 50 euros, we bathe in full AA that we did not find a few more dollars that would sublimate it. This is frankly a pity. Wicked West has everything from the very big, except for the funds. The characters have this cool side of Gears of War. The environment is literally and figuratively filled with traumatic Western flair, Tarantino style and the bloody side of Dead Space. Seriously, from the very beginning you find the environment on fire, great, and we say WAW, this is going to be awesome!

wicked west cinematic

Cutscenes are short and often well-done… a rarity!

But the reality of the limits of the Evil West will quickly show its limits. The first observation is the victim of 60 frames per second in ultra quality mode. For 60fps, you’ll have to go through the performance field that 1080p imposes, which really detracts from the overall aesthetic. And, unfortunately, 4K feels 30 frames per second, to the point that the game becomes slow and cumbersome.

The second less glorious aspect concerns the inequality of implementation. Some of the passages are wonderful. Others are very borderline, seen as visually unworthy of the PS5/Series X generation. This is mostly felt in the belligerent animations during cutscenes and in some boring passages. Overall brightness also leaves much to be desired. It undermines the readability of what is happening on the screen, and sometimes we get the impression that it serves more as a cache of squalor than a real stylistic effect.

evil west graphics

Custom graphics in unattractive 1080p resolution to maintain 60fps.

… But still in the sacred double AA!

If the limits of the Wicked West overshadow the overall technical finish, it also shines with a host of qualities. Let’s start with music. The soundtrack is absolutely on the level and worthy of a good movie of the genre. The music is varied, harmonizes perfectly and sets the tone perfectly. They are sometimes even better quality than some of the protracted fights. The voice actors, English only, are excellently played.

Aesthetically, as I said, not everything is so rosy, but the chara design is fascinating. In fact, we would especially like to pay another 20 euros and see how far they could go with such knowledge. Despite its limitations, the Evil West universe is a sight to behold, but it won’t match your 4K 60fps settings. Too little flavor, so…

gauntlet of the evil west

With your glove, you will enter a whole new dimension!

Promo -17%

Evil West (PS4)

  • Fight alone or with a friend in explosive battles
  • Myths and legends are back in a narrative campaign with Wild West sauce
  • Upgrade your monster hunter abilities, weapons and gear





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Evil West Review – What if this was just the beginning?

The Evil West has many flaws. It’s awfully repetitive, too scripted, and too soft on ultra quality. However, it sets the stage for a superb release in a western universe all too rarely used in the video game scene. Without stepping on the toes of a tenor like Red Dead Redemption, it manages to offer a super-charged experience, like an arcade game that we only knew how to make in the 90s! If you like the genre, you will love it. If you’re looking for a slightly more subtle or technically superior title, you may not like it. For my part, I’m coming back.

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Graphics – 6.5

Scenario – 7

Playability – 7

Tester pleasure – 8


A title that delivers a lot of fun despite flawless implementation.

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