Ex-GTA 5 Boss Studio Hires Former 2K, PlayStation Veterans For New Game Everywhere – GameSpot

Former Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies’ new studio, Build A Rocket Boy, has hired some big staff as development continues on its debut game, the highly ambitious Everywhere.

Build A Rocket Boy has hired former SCE Liverpool Studio head Mick Hawking as director of development, while Murray Pannell (former 2K Europe VP) will become senior vice president of global marketing. Randall Price, a 15-year veteran of Guild Wars ArenaNet, will be the publishing director of Build A Rocket Boy.

Benzies said that Hawking, Pannell and Price brought “great experience, knowledge and passion” to the team. Benzies also announced that the studio will have more news in 2022.

Build A Rocket Boy was founded in 2016 and now has offices in Edinburgh, Budapest and Los Angeles. More than 400 employees work in the team’s offices, according to VGC.

The studio’s first game is the ambitious Everywhere project. As the name suggests, the open world game allows players to go anywhere and do anything.

“Gamers are getting smarter and demanding more from their games, and we want gamers to have the true freedom to live our worlds the way they want,” said Benzies. “We’re committed to offering a wide range of game modes and styles that not only tell our stories, but also allow players to experience the personality and adventure they most want to explore.”

Benzies left Rockstar North in 2016 after a 17-month sabbatical. In April 2016, he sued Rockstar Games for $150 million in royalties and claimed he was kicked out. Rockstar parent company Take-Two said that Benzies’ “significant performance and handling issues” ultimately led to his resignation. Take-Two also stated that his claims were “completely baseless and, in many cases, downright bizarre”. The case continues.

As for the GTA series, Rockstar is currently developing Grand Theft Auto 6 and the studio appears to be hiring right now.

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