Ex-Zodiac: The shoot-them-up that smells of the 90s

Game news Ex-Zodiac: The shoot-them-up that smells of the 90s

Project funded via Kickstarter, Ex-Zodiac has just launched its early access demo on Steam, available on PC, Mac and Linux.

Ben Hickling launched his project only on Kickstarter when he had the idea of ​​the game Ex-Zodiac, and worked there alone, in his spare time, for two years. Now two levels are playable in an early access demo, on the twelve levels planned at the end.

The storyline tells how Kyuu, a pilot, fights to free the worlds of the Sanzaru star system from the intergalactic terrorists of the Zodiac organization, which has invaded the system. We are promised a fast shooter, reminiscent of the shmup of the 90s, with graphics clearly inspired by the fifth generation consoles (SegaSaturn, Nintendo 64, PlayStation …). We are promised 12 colorful and varied levels, several routes with shortcuts, secret areas, bosses at the end of each level and a 16-bit soundtrack composed by + TEK.

Scheduled to be released during the year, Ex-Zodiac is already available in early access demo on Steam, on PC, Mac and Linux with SteamOS.

Through Damien-Scaletta, Writing


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