Excluded from Judo World Cup due to false positives on COVID

Frustrated judoka Arthur Margelidon is forced to miss the World Championships, which will be held June 6-13 in Budapest, Hungary, due to a false positive.

Currently sixth in the world in the 73kg category, Margelidon wanted to prove her place in the top 8 to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics.

“I have no symptoms, the virus is dead and I am not contagious, but last Monday I tested positive for COVID-19,” he said. When I received the result the next day, I was told that I might get a false positive because I contracted the virus two months ago in Turkey during the Grand Slam tournament in Antalya. The problem can last for three months. “

“I was told that there are no false positives in Hungary,” added Margelidon. I am sitting at home, continuing to train as usual and adjusting my preparation for the Games. If the same thing happens before I leave for Tokyo, I will be told that in Japan it can be proved that this is a false positive. “

If a French-born judoka ever appears in Budapest, two scenarios will arise.

“By winning the medal the way I wanted, I could get a positive result before returning to Canada. I had to quarantine in Budapest as I did in Turkey and then hopefully test negative before returning to Canada. Once in Canada, I had to comply with another quarantine. In the worst case, I might have tested positive before the World Cup and I might not have been able to compete in addition to two quarantines.

“Nicholas [Gill, le directeur général et haute performance de Judo Canada] felt it was safer to stay in Canada and focus on my Olympic training. Getting another false positive was too risky. Each test solves or resolves a question. “

Trust others

The 27-year-old judoka, winner of the Tbilisi Grand Slam tournaments in Georgia and Antalya in March and April, hopes to remain among the best.

“There is a small chance that I will get out of the top 8, but I don’t like this situation at all,” he summed up. If I performed well in Budapest, I would have kept my place in the top 8. Since I will not be there, I will have to rely on the results of others. It’s good that I know my next goal. I can only train with the Olympics in mind. “

Bouchard too

Also a positive test result, but only on his return to Montreal after the Grand Slam tournament in Antalya, Antoine Bouchard found himself in a similar position. He will not be on a trip to Hungary.

After finishing fifth in the 66kg category at the 2016 Rio Games, Bouchard is still fighting for a spot in Tokyo in the 73kg category. He has to finish in the top 18 in the world and hope Margelidon makes it out of the top 8. If both criteria are met, the play-offs between the two fighters will take place in Montreal.

Bouchard is 23rd among all competitors, but he is 18th if we count only one judoka per country.

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