Exclusive introductory offer for this Roborock S8 vacuum cleaner that will make your life easier –

This little miracle of technology deserves more attention than just a vacuum cleaner. Try it almost immediately take it!

Vacuum like no other

ABOUT, Consumer Electronics Show ! Three years later, due to the pandemic, this show is back. And it is not for nothing that manufacturers intend to stand out from the competition. In this particular context, Roborock competes in ingenuity. Wanting to prove to her customers that they were right, trusting them, she multiplies new items. In addition, having discovered their latest model of a robot vacuum cleaner, experts roll back. Soberly baptized S8, he will fill the maniacs with happiness.

Have you always dreamed of a vacuum cleaner that cleans and washes? You knocked on the right door. A sworn enemy of dust, animal hair and crumbs, this little gem will completely change your daily life. Next to him you will save valuable time!

Innovative accessories

As always for a vacuum cleaner, the power is calculated in Pa, not in Watts. However, in the context of the energy crisis, this is pretty good news. After testing, we found that its 6000 Pa is worth it. Obviously, being present on a carpet or parquet, he is able to catch and turn dust mites and other invisible dirt into porridge of our sworn enemies. Incidentally, the two brushes and rollers alternate and provide day and night.

Accustomed to the vibration of a smartphone, our team is impressed by this high-flying vacuum cleaner. To make her pull the mop out of her lair, you just need to press a button. The headset tells us that it spins at full speed, more or less 3000 times per minute.

Simplified mechanism

Moreover, if we talk about the connected device, this vacuum cleaner works with the application. Yes, we can’t stop progress. Controlled from a distance, it requires several minutes of concentration before it hits you. Using the Reactive 3D feature, it scans all the traps in its path. Faced with an electrical wire lying around, a pen or jewelry, he beautifully dodges everything.

Finally, since happiness never comes by itself, he predetermines the stairs and the like. Don’t expect him to give up on you along the way. Amused by the idea of ​​taking on the challenge of the day, this vacuum cleaner will give your interior a second life.

Killer price

To support you in your spring post, Cdiscount does a great job. First of all, during Easter Monday lunch, bet on Cookeo to prepare delicious dishes. Chocolate-based or not, the smell alone is enough to make us salivate. After your guests have left, it’s time to hit the streets with your new vacuum cleaner best friend!

As soon as they enter the European market, all dealers rush to it. Except they didn’t expect that an ecommerce site could make an incredible discount. With less than 150 euros on the counter, it would be a shame to miss out on such an offer.

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