Exile reserved for the Syrian who held the clamp

PublishedMarch 3, 2023, 5:15 pm

Bernese JuraExile reserved for the Syrian who held the clamp

In Tavanna, for 50 grams of cannabis, the applicant threatened to cut off a man’s finger.

The attackers broke down the bathroom door to attack the victim. Donze

He used violence in Tavanna for 50 grams of cannabis worth 600 francs, an attack that led him to a prison sentence of 38 months, a sentence handed down by the District Court of the Berne Zeeland Court and accompanied by an eight-month arrest for an offense committed by a driver in Bienne while driving in Bienne at a speed of 100 km/h. On appeal, Bern’s Supreme Court ruled last week for his expulsion from Switzerland, and according to Le Journal du Jura, the judge on appeal did not relent.

No defense argument was accepted. On the contrary, the 2nd Criminal Chamber emphasized the constant tendency of the young 23-year-old Syrian to downplay the facts: excessive driving, lack of training, a debt of 20,000 francs, an expired residence permit… So many shortcomings that forced the judge to write that “the integration of the defendant should be characterized as mediocre.”

Came at eight

The defense argued that the defendant, who came to Switzerland at the age of eight after a four-year exodus, had no contact with his family who had remained in Syria and that he had developed a circle of friends in Switzerland. When he is deported to Syria, he may be subjected to mandatory military service, but not inhuman treatment, according to the Criminal Appeals Chamber, which is convinced that the defendant poses a “threat to public safety.”

On December 3, 2019, in Tavanna, five attackers, including a minor, tied up and beat the ex-boyfriend of a gang member who had taken refuge in his bathroom. The Syrian threatened the victim that he would cut off his finger with pliers if he did not show the place where his grass was hidden.

Two shots from a pneumatic pistol were added to the blows and batons. Their booty: 50 grams of marijuana, a wallet with 170 francs and 100 euros, a smartphone, two consoles, sweet drinks and … a hair dryer.

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