Exit certificate: a smartphone version will finally arrive on April 6

New turnaround. Finally, you will soon be able to produce a digital version of your exit certificate which can be used via your smartphone in the event of a police check. This is what the Minister of the Interior Christophe Castaner announced to the Parisian this Thursday, April 02 before adding: “From now on, the French have appropriated the rules of confinement, so it is advisable to give them a little flexibility with this tool.”

An online form

Good news for people who do not have a printer or those who were running out of ink and paper … To be able to obtain a certificate in digital version, you will need to fill out a form on the website of the Ministry of ‘Interior. The page will then generate a QR code that the police officers can flash, which will save them from having to take over the nests of microbes that are our smartphones.

Note that the time of exit must be specified as on paper, but the service will memorize anyway the time of publication of the document, which will be accessible to the police. In this way, the government intends to avoid abuses, in particular on the part of the clever little ones who would have the idea of ​​quickly publishing a certificate at the sight of the police.

The end of the imbroglio?

As a reminder, Tuesday, March 17, the ministry and the Gendarmerie had first indicated on several media and social networks that the use of a digital certificate on smartphone was authorized, before reversing the next day.

To explain this turnaround, the department called on RTL “the proliferation of online scams trying to overcome the concerns of the population in this period of confinement”, explanation then taken up by Christophe Castaner on TF1, before mentioning two other reasons: hygiene (the police should necessarily have touched smartphones sometimes) and finally the fact that the generators of certificates made it too easy to use these documents supposed to limit outings at the start.

Consequently, certain media affirmed that the State was actually going to launch its own digital certificate, information from anonymous sources which are now verified. The service will be available this Monday, April 6, at least, if the government does not change its mind yet by then …

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