Expanding Vaccinations: “We are here for vaccinations, not for police work,” argues the Confederation of French Medical Unions.

How to control the distribution of vaccines? While four million adults suffering from obesity or serious illnesses are eligible for vaccination this Saturday, May 1, Luc Duquesneel, president of the “universal” branch of the Confederation of French Medical Unions, estimates on franceinfo that the staff present at vaccination centers “To get vaccinated there, not to work as policemen.”

franceinfo: Is this expansion of vaccination good news for you?

Luc Duquesnel: All this will depend on the vaccination centers. We have no means of control. With regard to some diseases, I mean obesity, but also perhaps someone who arrives with oxygen, we assume that there is breathing problems. On the other hand, for many others, we are in an impossibility, and the whole point is to comply with these criteria. It is great to accept all those severely ill people who are affected by covid. But we are not in vaccination centers to monitor, interrogate, and ask for patient prescriptions. We’re here to get vaccinated. We’re not here to do cops. So, ideally, certificates of eligibility for treatment should be made by the attending physician, because he is the one who knows the patient best.

Will vaccination also respond to stress and anxiety in these patients?

Of course, since these patients knew very well that if they were infected, they were much more likely to develop severe forms and end up in intensive care with the risk of death. This is also important outside of Covid. Today we know that there are a large number of institutions in which all surgical interventions have slowed down dramatically, there are many delays in diagnosis, interventions that have been canceled and which also have very serious consequences for patients, people with other chronic diseases and who could not care for for two months. It is very important to reduce the burden on our hospital health care system so that we can take care of all people.

Looming deconfinement – relief or concern for doctors?

The curves are going in the right direction. We all want to be able to have coffee on the terrace, but we know that we will need several factors to reduce the risk of infection. First, it means vaccination, vaccination of children, and you always have to take precautions. We are not saved today.

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