Expeditions: Rome – Lutetia’s tactical RPG in Alexandria

Game news Expeditions: Rome – Lutetia’s tactical RPG in Alexandria

The Expeditions franchise continues to go back in time: after the conquistadors in 2013, the Vikings in 2017, it is the Romans who will launch expeditions on your PC this year.

Acquired in 2018 by THQ Nordic, the Expeditions franchise, developed by Logic Artists, has already offered us two rather well-received episodes, and in progress. This new opus entitled Expeditions: Rome, the first under the THQ era, will put you in the shoes of your own Roman legate, which you can customize (appearance, genre, class, skills …). Indeed, Expeditions offers a mix of RPG elements and strategic gameplay. Take part in three Empire campaigns: Greece, North Africa and Gaul. These are also the three environments that you can browse in the game, in addition to Rome. We are promised companions with a real background, a large number of varied weapons, a large number of customization options at all levels, all within a very real historical context, mixing political and private intrigues where “your choices matter and are fraught with consequences”.

The first gameplay clips can be seen in the video below.

Obviously, it will be necessary to wait for the release of the game to find out if THQ Nordic and Logic Artists have kept these ambitious promises! Expeditions: Rome is due out on Steam in the year 2021.

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