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Raspberry Pi enthusiasts who would like to learn more about using the Raspberry Pi Pico W mini computer in a smart home microcontroller. You might be interested to know that the latest official Raspberry Pi magazine features many projects to help you learn home automation and set up projects using various mini PC systems.

“There has been a boom in smart home projects centered around the Pico W. Use the new WiFi connectivity options on the new Pico W microcontroller board to wirelessly control devices throughout your home. This month, PJ reviews the best home automation kit, designs and stepbystep instructions for setting up smart lighting with the Pico W.”

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Get ready for the holiday season with our guide to using Pico to control your Christmas lights. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to decorate your tree, control lighting with code, and customize RGB color values ​​to create your own patterns.”

“The latest issue of MagPi magazine is out now and it’s filled with smart home projects. Learn how to use Pico W to control devices in your home, from ambient lighting to garage doors. And get ready for the holiday season with LED lights on your Christmas tree.”

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