Exploring video games in France: player profiles, favorite games, media used, etc.

Syndicate of Leisure Software Publishers (SELL), in collaboration with Médiamétrie, have just shared the results of their annual survey: The French and Video Games. The survey, conducted from August 24 to September 15, 2022 on the Internet with a sample of 4,001 Internet users aged 10 and over, aims to study the use and profiles of video game players in France.

37.4 million video game players in France

Video games in France represent 37.4 million players. They consist of:

  • 88% of adults (aged 18 and over), representing 32.8 million people,
  • 12% children (ages 10-17), representing 4.6 million players.

Among this population, some play occasionally, while others play more regularly:

  • 70% of them, whose average age is 39, play occasionally, that is, at least once a year. They make up 51% of men and 49% of women.
  • 53% of all video game players in France are regulars and their average age is 38. 53% of men and 47% of women play video games at least once a week.

Generation Z, women and seniors face video games

The study shows that Generation Z, which includes young people aged 15 to 24, represents 7.1 million gamers. Of the latter, with an average age of 21, 93% play video games. They mainly play on smartphones, game consoles and computers, with a preference for casual games, action games and role-playing games.

25% of young people aged 15-24 play video games once or twice a week. © SELL

Meanwhile, there are 18.3 million people to play for women. Their average age is 39 and they mostly play consumer games on their phones.

Seniors aged 60 and over represent 6.3 million players. Their average age is 69 years. Among them, 32% play every day or almost every day, mostly on computers and smartphones. Their favorite games are 31% casual games for mobile devices.

Top 3 video games by style and medium

The study shows that in 2022 gamers play 3 different game genres on average. At the top of the list: casual and mobile games – 36%, car racing – 25%, platform games – 24%.

Above are the most used games according to different media:

  • Smartphone: casual games, social games, strategies,
  • TV game console: Action, car racing, sports games,
  • Computer: strategy game, multiplayer online games, casual game,
  • Tablet: casual games, strategy games, sports games,
  • Portable game console: platform, family games, role playing.

supports-used-video gamesSmartphone, TV game console and computer are preferred media for video games. © SELL

80% of French consider video games to be an innovative sector

The study shows that the French have a positive attitude towards video games. 80% of them consider video games to be an innovative sector, 77% believe that video games are created by artists, and 59% believe that video games contribute to skill development.

video game-opinion-frenchMore than 70% of French people have a positive attitude towards video games. © SELL

An important social aspect

If 97% of players play video games alone, then 60% of them play multiple games, online or locally. Children under the age of 17 most often play with others and make up 83% of them, while adults play in groups at 57%. Video games are perceived as sociable leisure and a vector of sociability.

video-game-social-practiceAmong the players who have a sense of belonging to the community, 35% have already met in private. © SELL

Parental attitude towards video games

In terms of the attention parents give to their children’s use of video games, research shows that 40% of children play on their own without prior parental consent. At the same time, 64% of parents of young gamers say that they play with their children from time to time, first to share activities with them, for fun, and then because their children require it.

As for parental control, 95% of parents are aware of its existence, but more than half of them (51%) do not use it.

video-game-behavior-parents13% of parents are present when their children play video games, while 40% let them play on their own © SELL

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