Explosive revelation: Ukrainian army would put up for sale a drone offered by the US for $4,000

The topic is extremely sensitive, even taboo, and the rumors have already been completely refuted by the European and American authorities. However, faced with the presentation of increasingly revealing evidence, tongues finally loosened up. And one of the first media outlets to talk about this was the newspaper Le Monde in an article published on July 28.

In the article in question, read in full by, the French media outlined the regrets of the European and American authorities about the lack of transparency of the Ukrainian army regarding the traceability of supplies, in particular ammunition and small arms. weapon caliber.

On this occasion, Le Monde will reveal: “due to the increase in the supply of military equipment and weapons to Ukraine, a certain number of allied countries have been concerned for several months about their possible distribution outside the Ukrainian theater through criminal groups or black market groups. . Even if, at this stage, no social element allows to support this phenomenon, which happened in the late 1990s with the wars in Yugoslavia and still feeds the movement in Western Europe, this risk makes today an object of growing concern. in Paris, at the pinnacle of executive power.”

And this fear is gaining momentum. Because on August 7, the American media CBS News again raised this topic in an article read by and widely circulated on the net. Indeed, according to US media who spoke to Jonas Oman, CEO of Blue-Yellow (the Lithuania-based organization responsible for meeting and delivering non-lethal weapons to military units after the 2014 Russia-Ukraine war), there is cause for concern. .

According to information provided by Jonas Ochman, since April last year, only 30 to 40% of weapons shipped across the border reach their destination. Faced with this situation, which is irritating the Ukrainian authorities, CBS notes that Kyiv has created a special commission to monitor the traceability of the flow of weapons entering its territory.

And the case is going through a new turn. Because on August 15, it was the Bulgarian military media, specializing in military topics, that made a major revelation. Indeed, according to this source, the Ukrainian army has listed a Switchblade 300 drone for sale on the dark web for around $4,000.

And to make matters worse, according to the same military source, these are not the only weapons being sold online. Because, according to the source, the Javelin anti-tank tank is also on sale for $30,000. According to BulgarianMilitary, both Ukrainians and Americans are well aware of this phenomenon.

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