Extended shutdown of Xbox feature sparks outrage over DRM again

If we understand that a network failure prevents the user from accessing the online service, then such a major failure at Microsoft will generally prevent the console from identifying the user of all games purchased for download. As a result, some unlucky users found themselves unable to play their catalog even alone and offline. The disruptions, which began worldwide on Friday night May 6, also blocked access to Xbox Cloud Gaming and games from the Game Pass catalog, as well as streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+. It is also not possible to go to the store to buy the game or content.

After acknowledging the issues on Friday night, the Xbox Support account reported this Monday morning around 2am that everything was back to normal, even if some users are still having connection issues, as seen in the replies. On the Xbox Live Feature Status page, all lights are green.

This kind of episode, in any case, once again awakened the legitimate hatred of users for the DRM system, which, in case of failure, does not allow consumers to use the products they have purchased. Gran Turismo 7 owners recently encountered this during an extensive 24-hour maintenance.

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