External hard drive dock supports M.2 NVMe SATA SDD and SATA HDD

Programmers, engineers and developers looking for a multifunctional external hard drive docking station that supports a wide range of different storages may be interested in the new hub created by the Digifast team. Work flawlessly with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, as well as Android smartphones and tablets, thanks to the USBC connector. The hard drive docking station allows you to quickly connect a wide range of different M.2 NCMe and SATA drives to your laptop or computer. using a USBC connection.

The convenient USBC connection requires the hard drive dock to work without the need to install any drivers and allow you to connect multiple drives at the same time.

external hard drive features

Early bird sponsor offers are now available for a creative project from around £68 to £55 (depending on current exchange rates), offering a significant discount of around 25% off the suggested retail price while Kickstarter crowdfunding continues.

“DX3 uses USB 3.2 technology for faster transfer speeds and efficient data transfer. Support for NVMe M.2 SSDs and SATA SSDs makes DX3 widely compatible. DX3 works seamlessly with Mac, Windows and Linux computers. It also works with Android smartphones and tablets that support TypeC.”

connections on an external hard drive

Provided the Digifast crowdfunding campaign successfully raises the required contribution target and the project progresses smoothly, worldwide delivery is expected to take place sometime in May 2022. To learn more about the Digifast external hard drive dock project, watch the promotional video below.

“Ideal for programmers, designers and videographers to greatly improve their work efficiency. With incredible read and write speeds, the DX3 performs superbly and transfers files up to 15 times faster than your traditional external drive. The DX3 is a compact and powerful SSD hub that you can carry around as it fits in the palm of your hand. It’s also perfect for everyday wear and weighs just 120g.”

For a complete list of all available commitments, additional targets, additional media and technical specifications for the External Hard Drive Docking Station, visit the official Digifast Crowdfunding Campaign page by following the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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