Extraordinary minute: he mows the lawn with a super-powerful laser

Why make it simple when you can make it complicated? This is undoubtedly the question asked by Daniel Riley, a YouTuber who posts projects (sometimes incredible) on his channel that he has put together.

One of the final answers to a simple question: “Why should I be here in the sun when I should be hanging out with all my best friends at a Metaverse pool party?” As a kindly “millennial” (that’s what he says), Daniel Riley decided to develop a robot that mows the lawn for him. But not the classic robot that you can already find in DIY stores.

No, Daniel needed something more powerful and precise: a laser. And here, this budding inventor (no pun intended) did nothing by halves. Its 40-watt laser is 8,000 times more powerful than a simple laser pointer. Mounted on a 3D printed stand, it can rotate and mow the lawn.

However, the project is not perfect. If the laser cannot cut your finger, it may blind you. It’s also terribly slow. But it will at least give you time for a cocktail in the sun.

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