“Extreme capitalist”: what does billionaire Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, really think?

Wikipedia has a page entirely dedicated to the political views of Elon Musk. Available only in English and Arabic, it has a simple title: Elon Musk’s Views. A kind of ideological appendage. No matter how hard we try, Mark Zuckerberg has no equal. Don’t see this as an advantage reserved for the man who became the world’s richest man this summer: it’s just that the gaudy boss of Meta, Facebook’s parent company, is far less talkative than his Twitter counterpart. The social network of tweets, the privileged channel of the elites of the 21st century, is replete with positions held by Elon Musk. Taxation, the environment, health regulations, freedom of speech, women’s rights… Twitto’s repertoire is huge: 114 million followers of his cheeky humor and whims disguised as pearls of wisdom.

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