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Vena Raises $ 300 Million From Vista Equity Partners (BETAKIT)

The Series C funding follows the $ 25 million capital growth funding that Vena received in September from CIBC Innovation Banking.

Cryptocurrency firm Paxos raises $ 300 million at a $ 2.4 billion valuation (REUTERS)

The latest investment in Paxos underscores the growing interest of investors in cryptocurrency companies, the perceived value of which grows with the rise of bitcoin.

Newton crashed and now users are complaining that their transactions are pending (BETAKIT)

Newton wrote on his blog that he temporarily suspended cryptocurrency transactions and withdrawals while troubleshooting a glitch with his custodian related to the cyberattack.

Brex lifts the mega-round and announces new functionality for financial management (BUSINESS INSIDER)

This strengthens Brex’s value proposition and should diversify revenue streams.

This is why M&A activity is on the rise in the Canadian tech sector (BETAKIT)

BetaKit spoke to key players in the Canadian innovation ecosystem to find out why M&A activity is growing and where it is moving.

Current mobile banking boosted Series D sales by $ 220 million, and its valuation tripled to $ 2.2 billion (TECHCRUNCH)

As a result of the new cycle, FinTech nearly tripled its valuation in five months to $ 2.2 billion.

New report shows Montreal technology has caught up with Toronto in 2020 (BETAKIT)

Montreal’s venture capital funding reached an impressive $ 1.15 billion in 2020, making the city one of the best startup ecosystems in Canada just after Toronto.

China orders tech giants to split financial services (WALL STREET JOURNAL)

Companies have turned their mobile payment apps into financial supermarkets by offering loans and insurance policies. “Nothing else,” says Beijing.

Big Deals Fueled Calgary’s Healthy 2020, But Western Canada May Have Early Funding Challenges (BETAKIT)

Hockeystick tracked four less than $ 250,000 trades in 2019 and 2020, indicating an initial gap.

Paying for the order flow has made Robinhood huge. Now everyone is discussing this. (PROTOCOL)

With Robinhood on the cusp of going public, customers, competitors and regulators will be able to better understand the business model thanks to the startup’s financial data.

Cybersecurity experts say more mentors and problem-solving specialists are needed to diversify the industry (BETAKIT)

The current approach is insufficient to provide the diversity or scale required to fill the estimated 3.5 million cybersecurity vacancies globally in 2021.

Turkish cryptocurrency exchange boss disappears, taking with him $ 2 billion in investor funds (CNBC)

According to the government agency Anadolu, Turkish authorities have issued an international arrest warrant requesting the arrest of Ozer.

Agriculture payroll startup Labora won the SFU entrepreneurial competition (BETAKIT)

The startup offers simple and automated payroll transfers, making it easier for workers to send funds home by offering them a “safe and convenient alternative to going to a physical bank.”

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