F1 2021: the first info and the leaked release date?

As the 2021 F1 championship has just started, Codemasters are still pretty quiet about their next official F1 2021 game. While the title is in the studio’s pipes, its announcement has still not been made. However, a leak has just been revealed by the Italian site aggiornamentilumia with many elements as always to be taken with a grain of salt.

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The first information on the run?

It was presumably via a press release that the first information about the game and the release date leaked. A new scripted mode called “Braking Point” should notably make its appearance and the return of the “coop” career would also be confirmed. This new opus should be released on July 16, 2021 and be optimized for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

As a reminder, F1 2021 will be Codemasters’ first game since their acquisition earlier this year by Electronic Arts. The official announcement should not be long any longer and the first images and videos of the game may well start to flourish as the second Grand Prix approaches, which will take place on April 18 in Italy.

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