Facebook CEO calls for more platform regulation

While the issue of responsibility for digital platforms is regularly raised by the media industry and political actors, the CEO and founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, calls for intermediate regulation for online content, which would lie between operators telecoms distributing content and the media providing it.

“I think there should be specific regulations on harmful content. […] We have to ask the question of the regulatory framework that we use for this, “said Mark Zuckerberg on Saturday at a conference in Munich on security. “There are currently two regulatory frameworks – that of newspapers and media, and that of telecom operators. For the latter, it is considered that “the data only be retransmitted by you”. But you are not going to make a telecom operator responsible if someone ever makes harmful comments over a phone line. ”

The CEO said Facebook has improved on the fight against online electoral interference. Social networks are now subject to greater pressure from States to counter the false information that circulates there. Facebook suspends more than a million bogus profiles a day, its founder said. The company employs almost 35,000 people to review the content.

Favorable to the Gafa tax

The Facebook CEO also says he is ready to accept the international tax reform project carried by the OECD targeting Gafa, reports Reuters.

“We want tax reform and I am happy that the OECD is looking into this,” he said. “We want the process to be successful so that we have a stable and reliable system for the future. And we accept that this could lead us to pay more taxes and pay them in different countries, ”says the founder of Facebook.

Tax authorities in 137 countries, including France, have committed to continue negotiations aimed at adapting the tax rules applied to digital giants. This agreement could be concluded by the end of the year.

The OECD has estimated that this reform could generate up to 4% more global income tax revenue, or “$ 100 billion a year”.

French Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton said at the end of January that if the OECD countries could not find a solution, the European Union would look into reform.


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