Facebook: Decathlon does not offer a 1000 euro gift card, it is a scam!

Decathlon does not offer a gift card of up to 1000 euros on Facebook. To recover users’ personal data, hackers have created a phishing campaign. We explain how this scam works.

A new scam is currently spreading on Facebook, reports the UFC-Que Choisir this Friday, September 24, 2021. According to the consumer association, hackers are trying to fool users of the social network with a fake Decathlon contest. . Criminals claim that the sporting goods brand offers gift cards of up to 10,000 euros to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Keep in mind that Decathlon is only 45 years old.

Hackers contact their targets directly on Messenger using hacked Facebook accounts. The message will send Internet users to a phishing website. This site is only designed to collect personal data from users. To obtain their fictitious gift card, Internet users will be invited to answer a series of questions, both related to Decathlon and themselves.

Another phishing attack spreads on Facebook

After completing these steps, a message appears on the screen: “You have won a gift card worth 1,000 euros.” However, to claim your prize, you will need to share this promotional offer with 20 friends or 5 groups of contacts. If you don’t, the hackers will prevent the user from claiming the gift card. This process allows criminals to attract other targets to their networks.

Data collected by hackers can be resold on dark web black markets or exploited to implement hackers. “It is strongly recommended not to transmit content from people you do not know and even more so to transmit your personal data on unknown Internet sites,” warns the UFC-Que Choisir. This is far from the first time that such a scam has spread online. A few years ago, a fake Ikea contest promised WhatsApp users € 500 vouchers to steal their data.

For its part, Decathlon confirms that this operation has nothing to do with its services: “they are scam attempts totally unrelated to Decathlon, which we cannot anticipate. We monitor social networks and the Internet. As soon as we detect [une arnaque], we act as quickly as possible to make it inaccessible, in order to avoid the number of clicks (complaints to social networks, formal notices to the technical operators in charge of putting the content online).

Source: UFC-Que Choisir

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