Facebook establishes permanent telework for employees who want it –

It’s decided, Facebook will integrate the
    in its organizational model. Mark Zuckerberg announced that some
    employees will have the opportunity to work from home so
    permed. A movement initiated under the effect of the coronavirus pandemic
    which has resulted in an unprecedented boom in distance working.

During an internal employee meeting broadcast live on
    , the CEO explained that over the next five to ten years, approximately
    half of the company’s employees could be teleworking,
    adding that there would be “ lots of nuances “As to how the
    process would take place. Employees eligible for telework
    will need to have a certain level of experience and good performance
    recent professional. They should also be part of a team
    who supports telework and get approval from their manager

Mark Zuckerberg also announced the introduction of recruitment at
    distance, but only for experienced profiles, especially
    engineers, starting in the United States and Canada.

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Facebook continues to hire

Facebook’s decision comes at a time when other companies
    technologies, including Twitter, Square and Shopify, adopt a
    telework following temporary measures taken to deal with the
        Covid-19 pandemic

Facebook had already indicated that employees who can can
    maintain telework until the end of the year. The company does not plan
    not reopen most of its offices before July 6 at the earliest and
    require workers to control their temperature, wear protective clothing
    masks and practice physical distancing.

Last March,
    had more than 48,200 employees worldwide. When
    presentation of the company’s quarterly results last month,
    Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company plans to recruit 10,000
    people this year, mainly in product development and
    engineering. article adapted by CNETFrance

Image: James Martin


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