Facebook has been removed from the internet

The disappointments are linked to Facebook. Following the data breach on the dark web, the company experienced the biggest failure in its history on October 4, 2021. A failure all the more important as its other social networks, WhatsApp and Instagram, were affected. But this incident was worse than advertised since Facebook was removed from the Internet: the ways to get there no longer existed. Facebook employees no longer had access to servers, even badges no longer worked. According to an NBC employee, only the calendar and emails were accessible. The company was looking to access the servers to restart them according to various sources.

As several Internet users have noticed, the domain names, and were even for sale, fully available, proof that the social network no longer existed. A catastrophic situation that makes the competition happy. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey jokes about the incident saying he wants to buy himself Facebook! From now on, the social network is back online. The CEO would have lost $ 7 billion according to Joyce Karam of The National News when the stock price plummeted. One thing is certain: there will be a before and after.

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