Facebook moves to audio to strike back at Clubhouse, Twitter and Reddit

Facebook plans to launch new ” audio experiences In the coming months, just to ride the trend of audio chat and trendy services such as Clubhouse. There are three new features on the program: Soundbites, Podcast and Live Audio Rooms.

Soundbites will allow users to record short voice clips and post them to their news feed just like they do for photos, texts and videos.

Facebook will also facilitate the consumption of podcasts by allowing listening directly in the application, whether active or in the background. Content will be recommended based on individual interests and ” podcast makers will be able to reach and connect with new listeners, all right in the Facebook app.

Facebook is thinking about monetizing audio content

Live Audio Rooms will be tested from this summer on Facebook and Messenger. This discussion format competing with Clubhouse will first be available to Facebook groups and public figures who can organize discussions with colleagues, experts and fans.

In its announcement, the social network also mentions the opportunities for monetization of audio content for creators. ” During the live audio launch, fans will be able to support their favorite creators and personalities through Stars, or donate to causes the personalities and creators support. Shortly after launch, we’ll also be offering other monetization models for live audio, such as the ability to charge for access to a room through a one-time purchase or subscription.

The problem of moderation

This Facebook initiative is part of a fundamental trend that crosses the main social networks that are exploring new ways of sharing information. Twitter has started testing an audio chat tool called Spaces. Reddit announced earlier this week that it also plans to launch a new audio chat feature, called Reddit Talk.

The development of this format could also pose new challenges in terms of moderation of infox and other offensive content. According to Vice and Business Insider, misinformation about the coronavirus and vaccines has been spread on Clubhouse. Mark Zuckerberg explained that Facebook already has tools that use artificial intelligence to report harmful content. Applied to audio discussion spaces, should we deduce that the conversations will be “listened to” in real time by these algorithms? This point remains to be clarified …

Article from adapted by CNETFrance

Image: Facebook

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