Facebook reportedly considering antitrust lawsuits against Apple

According to The Information, Facebook is considering filing an antitrust lawsuit against Apple on the grounds that the Apple-based firm is abusing its power under the guise of App Store rules. Facebook is allegedly angling its attack on Apple forcing third-party developers to comply with rules that its own apps don’t. The (paid) article relies on anonymous sources and specifies that Facebook may ultimately choose not to initiate a lawsuit.

The two giants are opposed over upcoming changes to privacy that Apple will strengthen with iOS 14. The new transparency feature will require users to give their prior consent to applications collecting and sharing data (opt in) instead of having to opt out after the fact.

This means that, unless explicitly authorized by it, an application cannot use a user’s data for advertising targeting, nor share their location data with advertisers, nor communicate their advertising identifier or any other identifier to third parties. . Facebook, which derives most of its revenue from advertising, sees these changes made by Apple as an attack on personalized advertising.

Facebook considers Apple to be one of its “ biggest competitors

Facebook has not confirmed its intention to file a complaint, but has reaffirmed its position on the power Apple has with the App Store. ”
As we have said repeatedly, we believe that Apple is engaging in anti-competitive behavior by using its control over the App Store to improve its bottom line to the detriment of app developers and small businesses. A Facebook spokesperson said.

During the presentation of the quarterly results of the social network, Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged that Facebook considers Apple as one of its “ biggest competitors “.

Apple has every interest in using the dominant position of its platform to interfere with the functioning of our applications and other applications, which it regularly does to favor its own. He wrote. ” This is impacting the growth of millions of businesses around the world, including with the upcoming changes to iOS 14, so many small businesses will no longer be able to reach their customers with targeted ads. “.

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Image: Angela Lang / CNET

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