Facebook Successfully Complies with Cookie Laws

Meta caught up in time. In a decision dated July 11, 2022, published on its website on July 28, the National Commission for Information Technology and Freedoms (Cnil) set aside an injunction issued on December 31, 2021 against Facebook for violating cookie laws. Then, after checking, she calculated that the Facebook site does not allow Internet users to refuse cookies as simply as accepting them.. And he imposed a fine of 60 million euros on the social network.

one button was enough

Facebook had three months to comply, threatened with a €100,000 fine per day of delay. CNIL detects that Meta has been completed within the allotted time by setting up a button called “Allow only essential cookies” above the “Allow primary and optional cookies” button.

Cnil recalls, however, that “cThis closure only relates to the scope of the injunction issued by the Restricted Committee during its deliberations on December 31, 2021″ and “does not prejudice Cnil’s review of compliance with the new cookie consent windows rolled out on website, in particular the requirement to provide “clear and complete” information or the requirement to obtain consent for each purpose.”

google and meta are back

In response, the Meta said that Facebook’s consent controls “have given people meaningful control over their data and the ability to undo their choices at any time.” “We continue to develop and improve this control,” Facebook’s parent company added.

On December 31, 2021, Google was also fined (150 million euros) and received a similar injunction from Cnil for the same complaints. The company complied and the injunction was closed in May.

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