Facebook: The Metaverse Doesn’t Convince Even Employees

The bad news continues to come from Meta, the parent company of Facebook. While the group is investing billions in the metaverse, a shared virtual world in which our avatars will evolve just like they do in real life, an internal memo dated September 15, published by our colleagues at The Verge on Friday, October 7, confirms that employees who worked on this topic were terribly lacking in enthusiasm for Horizon Worlds. The Meta universe, which will have 300,000 users per month according to data provided by the company in February 2022, will struggle to attract new players.

And Meta employees won’t go there often enough, as internal dashboards show. “Many of us don’t spend much time at Horizon. […] Why ? The truth is simple: if we don’t like it, how can we expect our users to like it?”, writes Vishal Shah, VP of Metaverse at Meta, in a memo seen by our colleagues. and lack of stability. The experience needs to be “usable and well-designed to retain users,” he writes.

“Everyone in this organization should make it their mission to love Horizon Worlds”

Then on September 30, another memo would be sent to the teams working on Horizon: it would oblige employees to use the metaverse at least once a week. And the words are especially powerful: “Everyone in this organization should make it their mission to fall in love with Horizon Worlds. You cannot do this without using it. Go ahead. Take the time to do this with your colleagues or friends. But is it possible to make someone love a product? Nothing is less certain.

The leak of this note hit the group especially hard a few days before the Mass Metaverse of the Meta, which will take place on October 11th. With the stock market price only falling, Facebook user numbers and revenues falling for the first time in its history, the group announced in September a cost cut of up to 10%. The metaverse project would already cost him nearly $13 billion. Our colleagues contacted the company and the company explained that the metaverse remains the future of computing and that it would take “a journey of several years.”


Meta will push its employees to cut costs

Almost a year ago, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the grand immersive environment of his metaverse. But since then, it seems like the presentation has been a little oversold: the presentation of his avatar in April was ridiculed on social media, in particular because of his graphics clearly falling short of the expectations of Internet users.


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