Facebook wants to push its users to accept advertising tracking

Facebook has announced that iPhone and iPad users will receive a notification to obtain their permission to collect data for ad tracking purposes. This notification will highlight the advantages of accepting such information collection.

Convince users

The objective is “help people make a more informed decision“, details Dan Levy, VP Ads & Business Platform at Facebook, in a statement.”We also show our own notification, next to Apple’s, which does not provide any context on the benefits of personalized ads.“, he adds.

This announcement comes in a very specific context of tensions between Facebook and Apple. With its iOS 14.5 update, currently available in beta for developers, Apple will be implementing a new advertising policy. Now IDFA (Identifier for advertisers), a unique series of numbers and letters that enable mobile ad networks to track users and deliver targeted ads to them, will be based on user opt-in and this for each application.

Therefore, if the person refuses to be tracked, the advertising services embedded in the application will no longer be able to cross-reference their activity and other applications. The American company justifies this update by the need to further protect the personal data of users.

Facebook’s business model weakened

But Facebook is concerned about this new rule and fears that it will severely affect its advertising tools for developers. Because advertising is at the heart of the business model of the social network. The company is therefore now relying on the consent window to show that it is not necessary to choose between data confidentiality and advertising tracking. “We can provide both and we already do“, affirms Dan Levy in his press release.

The goal of Facebook is to show the importance of data collection. Thus, if the Internet user refuses tracking, “you will still see advertisements but they will correspond less to you“, he sums up.

Antitrust action in preparation

Facebook’s dissatisfaction could even go to court. According to The Information, the company has been preparing for several months an antitrust action against Apple. The charges are not new. It alleges that Apple abused its market power by forcing third-party developers, including Facebook, to follow a different set of rules than those applicable to its own apps. For example, Apple forces developers to use its own payment service in their applications, without giving them a choice. And take a percentage of each payment.

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