Facial recognition is coming to casinos

Vix Vizion, in partnership with Cradlepoint, has been installed in over 80% of casinos, clubs and pubs in Australia. Facial recognition technology can automatically sort people banned from gambling. Since December 3, 2020, major gambling reforms have come into effect in Australia, and entry into gambling halls has been stepped up.

“Facial recognition technology will further support and assist licensed establishments in meeting their responsibilities in identifying customers banned from gambling, alerting facility staff when a banned customer is detected at the entrance.” of the room, ”says the South Australian Consumer and Business Services (CBS).

Under the changes, the licensee of a gaming machine license must, for the purposes of identifying prohibited persons entering a gaming area, operate a facial recognition system if the license for the premises allows for the operation of a facial recognition system. operating 30 or more gaming machines.

“Licensees must, by a notice posted at each entrance to a play area, inform each person who is about to enter that a recording of the facial image of the person will be made through the system. facial recognition approved, ”adds CBS.

8 facial recognition systems already approved by the government

The state requires that holders of this license may not use a system to encourage or entice a person to gamble, for customer loyalty programs or a lottery, or to identify an excluded person with respect to other premises. than those licensed in relation to which the system operates.

There are currently eight government approved facial recognition systems that can be installed by casinos. Facial recognition technology provided by Vix Vizion, Imagus Facial Recognition, captures an image of people entering a facility. The company says it then compares this image to a digital database of banned and self-excluded people owned by the Australian government. Previously, gambling establishments had photographs on paper, obtained from various lists of banned persons. The system was therefore entirely manual.

Using Cradlepoint NetCloud and 4G routers, Vix Vizion claims to provide a distributed and connected facial recognition system that automates this process. Its software matches visitor images with the government-run database.

A secure and reliable system

The company’s facial recognition technology, along with biometric data, can also detect personal changes in people’s appearance, achieving detection rates with more than 90% reliability. If a person on the “blacklist” manages to enter a monitored location, the Vix Vizion software sends an alert to notify the establishment’s security.

“We applaud the initiative of the Government of South Australia to use technology to protect communities. As technology infuses all aspects of our lives, including games, it is important to take advantage of it to help keep people in need safe and supported, ”said Gavin Wilson, CEO of Cradlepoint APAC .

Vix Vizion adds that it plans to deploy similar solutions in gambling establishments in other Australian states. In the future, maybe we will see this system deployed in Europe?

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