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The Twitter takeover lawsuit sought co-founder of high-tech billionaire Elon Musk’s Documents and former head of short messaging service Jack Dorsey. As of Monday, court documents show that Musk has received all the documents and news from Dorsey regarding the April acquisition deal and the number of spam or fake accounts requested from Twitter and the active user count.

In accordance with the legally binding order, Musk wishes to receive all relevant documentation from Dorsey from the beginning of 2019. The founder and chief executive of electric car maker Tesla continues to gather input for a planned October process on whether he should take over Twitter or could step down. business.

Elon Musk on the left, Jack Dorsey on the right

Why did Musk close the case?

Musk took control of Twitter in April for a reported $44 billion. However, in early July, Musk pulled out of the deal over allegedly “false and misleading” information from the short message service. background – the number of spam or fake accounts on Twitter. Musk accuses the platform of inflating the actual number of users.

Twitter denied the accusations. The online platform accuses Musk of dealing with a feigned desire to exit the deal because he no longer sees the takeover as worthwhile. The short messaging service went to court to force the world’s richest man into a takeover.

The trial begins October 17 in a specialized court in Delaware on the US East Coast. Observers consider the legal defeat of the founder of Tesla quite possible. The multibillionaire can also use Twitter, as provided by the agreement. A fine of up to $1 billion must be paid.

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