Fake drugs: France under European ‘tough sanctions’, Brown warns – Science et Avenir

France’s failure to enforce Europe’s anti-counterfeiting drug rule by the end of the year is subject to “tough sanctions” from Brussels, Health Minister François Braun warned on Monday, in turn announcing “sanctions” for recalcitrant pharmacists.

This reform, called “serialization”, is to add a black and white pictogram (known as “data matrix”) to each drug box in order to trace it from the factory to the pharmacy and thus fight counterfeiting on a global scale. . The measure, which has been in force since 2011 under the directive of Brussels, came into force at the beginning of 2019.

But “France is lagging behind on this issue, far behind absolutely all other countries of the European Union,” Mr. Brown emphasized at the symposium of the Order of Pharmacists.

“This delay exposes France to severe fines from the European Commission, in the order of several hundred million euros,” he added.

Therefore, the minister warned “with resignation” that the government “will very soon impose sanctions on pharmacists who do not fulfill their obligations.”

To date, just over 56% of pharmacies are on the nail and connected to the national drug verification catalog (which is itself linked to the European file), according to the latest assessment from the FSPF, the leading pharmacist union.

The goal of 80% “at the end of November” seems unattainable, because it will be necessary to connect “nearly 5,000” additional ones, while “only 213” made a decisive step in the first two weeks of the month, the FPF specifies on its website.

“It is urgent to involve all pharmacists,” Uspo, the second trade union of the profession, warns for its part, reminding its members in a message that they “have only a few days left to avoid tough sanctions.”

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