Fall Guys Season 2 – Infinity and beyond!

Season 2 of Fall Guys (since purchased by Epic Games and switched to free-to-play) is out now and propelling us to the stars with an all-new Season Pass and a host of new events, including two very different endings.

If the season pass remains fairly classic and does not show much difference from previous seasons, it should be noted that there are certain collaborations that can give you a reason to spend the 950 issues (about 8 euros) required to receive the bonus. pass. The most notable skins are the Xenomorph from the movie Alien, which can be fully unlocked at level 13, Mr. Spock from the US TV series Star Trek at level 52, and the humanoid Japanese singer Hatsune Miku at level 99.

New events divided between racing, hunting and logic, a breath of fresh air with very good ideas that update a style already known for several years.

  • Space Highway: A classic racing game in which you have to overcome various obstacles to cross the finish line before your competitors, the futuristic design and the emptiness present during the event will make you not confuse speed and precipitation in fear of returning to your steps.
  • Hyper Speed ​​Heroes: The Hoverboard Concept Survival Challenge is undoubtedly one of the toughest in this new installment, you will have to leave the hoverboard regularly to cross the hexagon pieces placed all over the route.
  • Urgent Factory: Away from the usual racing, we find here the concept of a battle royale hunt in an enclosed space where you have to be the fastest to press randomly lit buttons.
  • Space Race: The originality of this new race is undoubtedly the verticality, you will have to manage your time to avoid falling between the elevators and use the new obstacle, the laser beam, to gain even more height.
  • To the pixel: the most original event of this new season, you will have to coordinate your actions to win. The screen depicting the form will face you, and you will have to reproduce the form on the carpet of light at your disposal. Communication is absolutely essential to be effective in this experience.
  • Sky Map: maze with invisible platforms, different possible paths open only after reaching the next platform.

New endings:

  • Hexa-terrestrial: In addition to a very good pun (it’s subjective), this new ending is a new derivative of Fall Guys players’ favorite event, the hexagon. Unlike its predecessor, this hexagon consists of only one layer, but each piece regenerates within seconds of being destroyed. The bombs available during the event can be devastating if used correctly.
  • Tiptoe Final: Unsurprisingly, the concept of the tiptoe event is taken up in this new finale, with the only difference being that the participants will not share their path with their opponents and will therefore have to manage on their own to reach the finale. the crown is located in the center of the map.

This new season of Fall Guys is full of good ideas and the future of the game is looking pretty bright, with the hope that esports is booming now.

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