Fall Guys sees gameplay from new Sonic collaboration. – Permanent worlds

It’s no secret that Fall Guys is a triumph, as its arrival on Xbox and other platforms and its new free-to-play format have given it a second life. The game has once again become a game full of players that finds matches in seconds and offers players many different events and rewards to diversify their wardrobe.

Our favorite beans won us over with a Halo event where you could get a beautiful helmet to customize your character. A new event, or at least a new phase, has been leaked today and it could be coming to Fall Guys; a blue hedgehog may appear.

Fall Guys x Sonic can be very close.

You read that right, according to a new gameplay leak, Fall Guys may be eligible for a new event or, if it isn’t, a new stage to bring more variety to the game. Apparently we’re talking about Sonic and we could see here a re-creation of the “Bean Hill Zone” with a reference to the Green Hill Zone from our favorite game.

Next, I’ll leave you a video of Pancake, this youtuber has his own channel dedicated to Fall Fuys leaks. As you can see, the storyline seems to be very exciting, so we’ll have to wait a bit to see what kind of gameplay they will surprise us with.

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