Fall Guys will be free-to-play and available on Xbox on June 21st. – Permanent worlds

Service-type games are the order of the day today, and we already have a large number of games that are launched with the goal of lasting for many years through updates that expand their content, as well as through the gradual improvement of sections.

A phenomenon that has been joined by both companies with giant projects and companies with slightly more modest works, but which have nothing to envy in terms of success, at least in some cases, as in the case of Fall Guys, this battle royale is somewhat different from the rest market launched on PC and PS consoles in 2020.

Fall Guys is finally coming to Xbox consoles.

As soon as it was released, many players on Microsoft consoles were wondering when this game would see the light of day on these machines, which sometimes caused us delays.

But a few days ago we were promised good news and it looks like it has been delivered as Fall Guys is confirmed to be available for free on Xbox consoles on June 21st and will include free gifts for Xbox Game users. three months. The resolution and frame rate of the next generation are also confirmed. Both will be at 60fps, as confirmed by a Klobrille insider on Twitter.

Xbox gamers who have been waiting for the release of Fall Guys on Microsoft consoles are in for a treat as there is only a month left to enjoy this fun free-to-play platform game with some exciting new features.

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