Fallout 76: Ready for Anything Update Reveals Content on Release

Last month, Bethesda presented the 2021 Roadmap for Fallout 76. It is clear that despite a catastrophic start, the game continues to welcome content and get better and better after each update. The spring one entitled “Ready for everything” is already available on all platforms as of today.

Ready for anything update content

If you were going to take advantage of it right away, you will have to rely on a good Internet connection since the update weighs no less than 65.7 GB on Xbox One. It should be the same weight on Xbox Series X | S since the game works through backward compatibility on those consoles.

Like the other updates, the developer does not do things by halves in view of the content that “Ready for everything” integrates into the game. All these points are to be discovered in detail at this address.

Highlights of the update

  • Collect New Rewards in Season 4: Fallout 76 Season 4 begins now, with a new SCORE board, 100 ranks to achieve, and tons of rewards to collect!
  • Reset your SPECIAL Points: After reaching level 25, use punch card machines to reset your SPECIAL points, modify your skills, and save the configuration to one of two customization slots.
  • Build another home: CAMP’s new locations feature allows you to build and manage a second CAMP in addition to your current household.
  • Updated Showcases and Vending Machines: Along with the CAMP locations, we’ve reviewed the display cases and vending machines that you can now use inside your shelters.
  • Double Daily Operations: Dive into the new Decryption mode and earn never-before-seen rewards as you take on new enemies, mutations, and random locations.
  • UI Improvements: We’ve added an aim assist option to parameters, a crafting slider to workbenches, and made a major overhaul of the World Activity menu.

Fallout 76 is available in Xbox Game Pass Console and PC, so why not venture out into this post-apocalyptic world with your friends to check out this update?

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