Family Game Pass Ultimate in Insider Testing

Xbox has posted a new article on Xbox Wire with much anticipated information. Indeed, the Seattle-based brand is announcing that, along with Colombian and Irish Xbox insiders, it has begun testing Game Pass Ultimate subscription for a few people! A wish that has been voiced by the players for several months now and it looks like it will come true soon.

Interestingly, only the owner of the subscription needs to be an Insider member. It is not a requirement that the four members with whom he shares his subscription also be. Behind this new offer is another conversion scale. Thus, we learn that a full month of Ultimate will be converted into 18 days of subscription on the new model. Please note that the conversion will only be valid for the holder. In addition, the offer will not be valid for those who have used the Xbox All Access formula.

Either way, this is great news with a formula that would cost around €20 per month, or €5 per person. A perfectly reasonable fork that can seduce more than one!

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