Family of Quebec dying after vaccination requires vigilance

MONTREAL – A Quebecker family who developed blood clots and died after being vaccinated with Oxford-AstraZeneca is urging people to be vigilant for symptoms and seek immediate help if they appear.

Francine Boyer, 54, was identified by her family in a statement released Tuesday night.

She and her husband, Alain Serres, received the AstraZeneca vaccine on April 9, and in the following days she developed headaches and severe fatigue.

The statement said Serres had no side effects.

Ms. Boyer visited a hospital near her home before being transferred to the Montreal Neurological Institute as her condition worsened and on April 23 she died of cerebral thrombosis.

Quebec’s director of public health, Dr Horacio Arruda, said at a press conference on Tuesday that he believed this was the first potentially vaccine-related death in Canada, and authorities stressed that serious side effects are rare and the vaccine saves much more. lives than she. puts it at risk.

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