Family Planning Under Criticism for Campaigning on Trans Men and Supporting Isabelle Rome – archyde

Minister Delegate for Gender Equality Isabelle Rome on Monday supported Planned Parenthood, which has been heavily criticized mainly by the far right, for using the image of a pregnant transgender man in its communications campaign.

“Family planning is an important historical association for women’s rights and access to contraception and abortion. I fully support her actions,” Ms Rome said in her words sent to AFP.

“Let’s not allow the far right to incite hatred with a communications campaign that I understand is not consensual,” she adds.

The Minister refers to a poster on family planning with the slogan “During the planning process, men can also become pregnant.” The drawing depicts a transgender man (that is, born biologically female and whose gender identity is male) during his pregnancy.

This message has been heavily criticized on social media, in particular from the right or far right. Thus, the MP for R.N. Laura Lavalette criticized “arch-subsidized activists who only seek to propagate their grotesque and false ideology”, while Lawrence Trochu (Reconquest!) denounced the “doctrine” of the association. “We don’t want this,” she tweeted with the hashtag “#ProtegeonsNosEnfants”.

Condemning the “drifts” that “must stop”, MP (LR) Fabien Di Filippo, for his part, assessed that family planning “is moving away from science to result in the most dubious ideological activity.”

In response, the feminist association, in a press release, condemned the “smear campaign in support of gender minorities” and indicated that it was considering legal action against “hate instigators who are sometimes elected representatives of the republic.”

As for the substance, Planned Parenthood emphasized that it practices “unconditional” acceptance. Some transgender people are “seeking advice about contraception, abortion, medical supervision in connection with their transition” and “we need to make them feel welcome,” he added.

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