Famous for nothing?

Colleen Ballinger is a successful YouTuber, inventing the character of Miranda Sings. Moving from one small screen to another, she has created a series entirely dedicated to her caricature. But the alchemy doesn’t take.

Welcome to the rednecks

On paper, pasting a young girl who wants to be famous at all costs and imagines that YouTube will allow her to reach notoriety is a good idea. Here we are, plunged into a small town in the United States, an average town, populated by people from the small middle class, following more or less mediocre trajectories.

The heroine of the series, Miranda, lives with her mother Bethany, her uncle Jim and her sister Emily. The latter is the only one who has her feet on the ground, who is perfectly aware of her environment and who tries to get out of it. The rest of the family are just jerks. For a very long time, we looked for more amiable, more consensual, more charitable qualifiers, but the French dictionary was not of much help.

Uncle Jim is the perfect looser: unable to keep a job, even in a dirty, silly goldfish shop looking for the magic plan. It is his niece Miranda who pays the price, in a perfectly accepted way. He wants to make her famous thanks to videos of her, posted on YouTube. The drama is revealed from the first seconds of the series: she has no talent, to the point that we do not immediately recognize the songs performed. Or massacred, it is according to the degree of benevolence of the spectator.

The mother is a kind of willing victim. She provides for the needs of the whole family, handles all the stewardship and lets Miranda and Jim persevere in their delusions of notoriety. As for Miranda, her lack of talent is absolutely not compensated by her human qualities. She is selfish, arrogant, odious, and treats others with contempt.

Who is silent consents

Miranda absolutely does not know how to sing, but overly encouraged by Jim, she posts videos where she sings, dances and even gives singing lessons. On a scale of discomfort graduated from one to ten, we reach Trump running for the Nobel Prize. The problem lies in the lack of reactions. People keep quiet, not wanting to sound rude or encourage Miranda to persevere. Emily is the only one who tries to bring the whole family back to Earth. Obviously, she systematically passes for the villain, the dream breaker, to the point of being ostracized in her own family.

No one in Miranda’s daily life tells her that she has no talent. In each episode, a combination of circumstances makes her convinced that she has everything to become a star. Fortunately, the Web strikes her with a truth that she decides not to take into consideration.

For her, negative comments are made by “haters”, an expression that has no equivalent in the French language, but which designates people who have no other goal than to criticize for free. When she finds herself in a group activity, she is also convinced that others are mediocre and do everything to undermine her talent.

With the exception of Emily, the whole family unit is surrounded by a very sweet illusion. The whole thing could have worked.


The series purports to be a critique of the quest for notoriety for nothing, but it doesn’t work. YouTube is full of videos of people without talent, but who manage to create a community and long before YouTube, there is reality TV. For the past ten years or so, every day that God makes, we have witnessed a pitiful spectacle of “people” who take fame and fortune, just for saying shit.

The overall storyboarding of the series doesn’t work: the heroes are far too uniform. They remain deeply stupid, without anything being able to save them, except a combination of circumstances. Over one or two episodes, it can make you smile. At the end of the fifth, we start to get bored. Just as we get tired of seeing Emily being the eternal victim of the family when she is the only one with an endearing personality, human qualities and a trajectory that we want to follow.

It’s rare enough to be highlighted, but we breathe a sigh of relief when we see that there will be no season 3, the series having been canceled by Netflix. We will try all the same to watch it to the end, but after seven episodes, we have the impression of having covered the matter.

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