Famous writers: their relationship with cannabis for their creativity

Writing is possibly an area where it takes more than talent to be successful. Knowing how to create a world, a story, characters and transmit the appropriate emotions requires knowing how to project and visualize a different world, more particularly in terms of fantasy or science fiction. Not surprisingly, some famous writers in this field are known, or even suspected, of having used cannabis to boost their creativity.

There is nothing wrong with that, in theory, especially since many states in the United States today have legalized cannabis and buy a gram or two. silver star You will not be able to surprise anyone, at least not more than buying a bottle of Merlot. But that was a different story when these writers were famous. Take a look at some interesting stories from well-known fantastic writers. “>

Terry Pratchett, connoisseur of medical marijuana

Known for his works of fantastic comedy and satire, the inventor of the Discworld series has created a unique world that he has also adapted to children. Had this work lasted for several years before the saga was successful, Terry Pratchett would have unknowingly used cannabis and fueled his creativity by writing his books. Also known as the “Cannabis Cake Incident”, the author says that on his birthday, the cake delivery man made a “mistake” exchanging orders and Pratchett would not have realized it. An incident of limited consequences, since the following year, the same delivery man would have been delivered his order with a message in the form of icing that said “no cannabis this time”. In addition, due to Alzheimer’s disease that affected him at the end of his career, the author began using medical marijuana. “>

Stephen King, the king of imagination

Have you ever heard of the world of Stephen King? If not, then you haven’t lived on the same planet for a few years, if not decades. A true genius of writing, Stephen King is considered the king of the imagination, thanks to his fantastic style that combines horror, science fiction and thriller. To be able to imagine such a world and such works, and to do it with such enthusiasm, you need a little help. And King is not innocent when it comes to cannabis. He also assumed to have known periods in which he was able to consume marijuana, cannabis and alcohol, especially in the 1980s, which correspond to his literary heyday. In fact, if you no longer use it today, you are an advocate for the full legalization of cannabis in the United States. “>

Neal Martin, the passionate author

Author of numerous books, mainly in the field of science fiction, Neal Martin is well known for series titles such as The Adventures of Ethan Drake or Deadson Confidential. Used to interacting with his fans, he recently published a column in which he admits to smoking cannabis almost every night of his life that he has written. For him, it allows him to reconnect with himself and be more open to his own imagination. It is a plus to relax and not let stress take over, but also a good option to create imaginary stories that go beyond what anyone may think at first glance. In other words, smoking marijuana was a creativity tool for this best-selling author. “>

JRR Tolkien, a fool of the imagination

JRR Tolkien

How not to quote JRR to talk about the fantastic world, while he is the inventor of the world of The Lord of the Rings? This saga has been a resounding success, not only on screen, but also in literature. Did you know that JRR is just one of those authors with a connection to cannabis? Indeed, its essential characters, the hobbits, are recognized marijuana smokers, and it is specified at the beginning of the works that it is indeed a “magic” herb, which implies that it could be cannabis. And JRR has repeatedly compared himself to these characters, saying that he too “liked to smoke his marijuana pipe from time to time.” That is clean !

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