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Being the head of a company whose main source of income is video games should be the perfect excuse to become a big player, or at least try the most relevant ones in your own business. Phil Spencer is no exception: he has already shown his passion for Destiny 2 and has played Halo Infinite regularly, but do we know how many times he actually plays?

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Phil Spencer talked about his work habits and the challenges of running a mega project like Xbox. He is one of the leaders who has proven that he knows the sector in which he is developing best of all, and for this it is necessary to know its market and consumer, or at least understand it. Thus, Spencer replied that he had a very interesting and very wide playing habit for his position.

Phil Spencer plays 15 hours a week on all sorts of games.

I go to bed early, around 10pm… I probably play more than 15 hours a week.

Phil Spencer admits to going to bed early. Therefore, his days should be very productive not only at work, but also at home with his family. As such, he says he intends to return home and completely disconnect from work, taking his time playing from the moment he arrives until the moment he fully devotes himself to his family.

In recent months, Xbox action has been focused on the acquisition of Activision, so the company has responded and spoken quite a bit about Sony’s arguments on the matter. Managing external announcements and internal projects has made Phil Spencer more open these days, and he has made a number of interesting comments regarding the company’s future and upcoming games.

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