Fear of COVID-19 Stronger Than Fear of AstraZeneca Vaccine | COVID-19 in the Atlantic

Last Saturday at Jean Coutu Pharmacy in Bathurst, 500 doses received were consumed within four hours and several clients had to return. It was a great success and everyone was in a good mood.says pharmacist owner Brian Fitzpatrick.

Exactly 506 doses were administered in Bathurst last Saturday.

Photo: Radio Canada

Some hesitation

The AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine has raised public concern after reports of very rare cases of blood clots.

Francine Cyr, a volunteer working for the vaccination campaign in the Edmundston area, noted that some people Afraidgiven bad publicity vaccine.

But now everything is happening, and people are starting to fear COVID more than vaccines.

Quote from:Francine Landry, volunteer

On the Akad Peninsula, pharmacist Kevin Hashe notes thatthere are still many people who say they do not want the AstraZeneca vaccine, and now Johnson and Johnson

On Thursday, Acting Edmundston Mayor Eric Marquis invited the community to take one of the many doses of AstraZeneca available.

People line up for the vaccine in Saint-Jacques, northwest New Brunswick.

People line up for the vaccine on Friday in Saint-Jacques, northwest New Brunswick.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Bernard LeBel

Brian Fitzpatrick for his part, he saw a marked drop in enthusiasm after the government of Quebec announced the first case of thrombosis in Canada on Tuesday and 10 cases of “severe” side effects in New Brunswick on Wednesday.

About three-quarters of the clients his team called this week to make an appointment have refused the AstraZeneca vaccine. I guess if we called customers back today we would be better receivedas Health Canada announced Thursday it would not restrict the vaccine, he adds.

Calm down the population

According to pharmacist Patricia Turcott of the Jean Coutu Pharmacy in Dieppe, people just need to be reassured

Most importantly, people want confirmation that they are making the right choices about vaccinations. But after being reassured, they were happy to receive this and we vaccinated a lot with the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Quote from:Patricia Turcott, pharmacist from Dieppe

Despite some hesitation, New Brunswick Chief Health Officer Jennifer Russell confirms the general public’s support for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Jennifer Russell sits in front of the New Brunswick flag.

New Brunswick Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jennifer Russell, April 15, 2021.

Photo: Government of New Brunswick.

As far as I know, no waste, no unfilled meetings. All doses we receive are administered and used to save lives.– she said on Thursday during a press briefing on COVID-19.

We know that all vaccines protect against hospitalizations and death from COVID-19. The chances of getting sick after contracting COVID-19 are much higher than from a vaccine.

Quote from:Jennifer Russell, New Brunswick Chief Medical Officer

Jennifer Russell insists that New Brunswickers agree to receive the first vaccine they are offered. Pharmacist owner Brian Fitzpatrick agrees.

We made the decision that if we call a client and he doesn’t want the vaccine we offer, no matter which one, we don’t call him back. We ask them to call us back in a few weeks because we cannot start negotiations with clients about vaccines.he explains.

On a right way

On Thursday, the province received its largest shipment of vaccine to date, with 43,660 doses.

Since mid-March, New Brunswick has received an average of 35,000 doses of vaccine per week.

If supplies keep pace with the times, the government’s target of vaccinating 661,500 New Brunswicks at the age of immunization will be met by July 2, in line with promises made so far.

Pfizer was very consistent and AstraZeneca gave us more doses than expected. Had to postpone some clinics [en raison des retards de livraison de Moderna]but basically we are where we thought we were at this stage of the campaignThis was announced by Health Secretary Dorothy Shepard at a press briefing on COVID-19 on Thursday.

With information from Jean-Philippe Hughes

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