Feature: Tokyo Game Show 2022

At Bandai Namco, I was able to test the new Fishing Spirits for a bit, which comes out October 27th in Japan.
An adaptation of the arcade medal game, we can find some sensation thanks to the solid reel attached to the joycon.
Have fun for a few minutes to see if it holds up over time.

We’ve gone a long way with this beautiful shell, but it’s made of felt, in other words, the lifespan should be very short with frequent use.

Konami has a small shot from Super Bomberman R 2, definitely in multiplayer with strangers, I left with my head down…

A wonderful gift for each player (a gift on the left in the picture):

My favorite series outside of Like a Dragon: Ishin! maybe it’s SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake!

Yes, yes, there is something to be surprised about, but this is exactly the platform that I like, I like the atmosphere and I’m thinking of adding it to my shopping list, so to speak.

I also tested the ARCADE1UP OutRun terminal (with OutRunners) and because the steering wheel and pedals are very good in terms of feel, our position is absolutely brutal, it’s just impossible for me, it’s very beautiful in the living room, but in use it’s not at all pleasant, it’s better to put car in standby mode…

Gorgeous Sharp X68000 with its super cute mini version:

Rev to Vertex racing simulator could be played in great conditions with jack seats!

Really a very nice object, but the choice of scheme was really not ideal.
Three tracks, I chose the middle one because, hey, I’m not a cash game nut and yet… I suffered.
No (or little in any case) help, starting on a too twisty track with safety railings in the middle of the road, difficult braking to dose, and what was supposed to happen happened: 90% of the players took their time to get out of the track every 10 seconds (I was part of the remaining 10% who only did this every 20 seconds :o).

I’ll be told that I should have only ridden the easy track, but I didn’t think the Normal would be that hard in those conditions…
So based on that big frustrating race, but I think with good control it should be a lot cooler.

A real car appeared on the stand!

Want to take a closer look at the car?

In case of thirst, there is always a Monster booth that does free giveaways:

And we end with a small series of images:

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