Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark releases its first expansion

Missions and Monsters, new DLC from Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark, is revealed in pictures and announces its release date on all platforms.

First extension of Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark, Missions and Monsters promises to enrich the gameplay of the title at first. You will be able to recruit formidable monsters across the land of Teora, customize them, and send them into battle. Two optional subclasses will be offered for your creatures.

The objective will be to enlarge your troops to send them on a mission and collect multiple resources and rewards. You will also have the possibility of unlocking new locations and new human classes, the Beastmaster, Samurai and Wrangler.

Turn-based tactical RPG, Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark offers you to build a team of Arbiters composed of characters with unique abilities, and lead them to battle. The game is published by 1C Entertainmen and developed by 6 Eyes Studio.

Missions and Monsters will be available on June 23 on all platforms at a price of € 12.99. Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark Unveils New DLC

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