Ferrari 296 GT3 officially unveiled

The new Ferrari 296 GT3 was officially unveiled last week and features a number of improvements over the original 296.

The new 296 GT3 is built for the track and will compete in the GT World Challenge as well as the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Ferrari 296 GT3

Born to win, designed to surprise. We present the new Ferrari 296 GT3, our future in Gran Turismo competition, which ensures the closest relationship with customers and the maximum transfer of technology and innovation to production cars.

We have designed the 296 GT3 with the needs of teams, professional drivers and gentleman drivers in mind, which we always focus on. We have scrutinized every detail, meeting the requirements of the new GT3 rules, in order to take over the winning baton of the 488 GT3, albeit with the aim of writing new chapters in the history of Ferrari motorsport.

Around the “small 12cylinder engine”, the chassis and distribution of elements have been optimized for the fastest possible performance in the pits, while the body has taken on a sinuous shape that develops around the volumes of the 296 GTB, but redefines them according to track and performance requirements.

For more information about the new Ferrari 296 GT3, visit the Ferrari website at the link below.

Source Ferrari, Top Gear

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