Ferrari 499P LeMans hypercar unveiled

Ferrari has unveiled a new Le Mans hypercar, the Ferrari 499P, which plans to make its racing debut in March at the 1,000 miles of Sebring in Florida.

The car has a power output of 670 horsepower (500 kW), but there are no details yet on the exact specifications of this new Ferrari hypercar.

Ferrari 499P

The allwheel drive prototype complies with the technical regulations and requirements of the Le Mans Hypercar class with a hybrid engine, providing a maximum power of 500 kW to the wheels and a minimum weight of at least 1030 kg.

In developing the 499P, the company drew on the vast resources of technical, professional and human excellence that epitomize the Maranello brand by entrusting the management of Attività Sportive GT under the direction of Antonello Coletta and under the technical supervision of Ferdinando Cannizzo, head of the department responsible for the design and development of GT sports and racing cars.

Ferrari 499P

The double wishbone pushrod suspension geometry provides outstanding damping stiffness, the benefits of which are evident both at top speed and when cornering.

The electronic systems are developed based on experience gained in the world of GT racing.

The new Ferrari 499P LeMans hypercar looks impressive in the photos, you can find out more information about the car on the Ferrari website at the link below.

Ferrari source, coach

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