FFXIV Multiplies Achievements in Update 6.1

Final Fantasy XIV’s newest expansion, Endwalker, has been in full swing for months now. Players can already participate in new content in Update 6.1, which brings changes to the house system, NPC system, adventurer plate customization, and more.

Cover photo: Square Enix

Lottery system

For experienced MMORPG players, a good housing system is paramount to the longevity of their game. Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker brings changes to the home acquisition system. In fact, the housing customization and the system surrounding everything that refers to it is generally well received by the players. The biggest disadvantage is that acquiring a house is the biggest difficulty in the system.

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Not only were the houses expensive, but there was also a first-come-first-served system for obtaining vacant lots. However, there was an invisible random timer between when a lot was released and when it was available for purchase. So he started a wood panel click race in the hope of being the lucky one to get the house.

To address this issue, a lottery system was introduced in Update 6.1. When a lot becomes vacant, players have a fixed period of a few days to register for the lottery by paying the full amount of the purchase. At the end of this period, the winning player is selected to receive the prize, while the rest receive a refund. It’s not perfect, but it’s an improvement. Finally, as far as customization is concerned, there are adventurer plates. As in the image below, you can enter your favorite job, busy hours, and favorite photo. This is a very popular aspect of the game right now.

Photo courtesy of Square Enix.

NPCs for your adventures

With the release of this update, several dungeons from A Realm Reborn, Shadowbringers, and Endwalker have gained access to the Duty Support system. In short, this system allows players to complete dungeons using a group of NPCs instead of a group of unknown players.

You can choose which NPCs will accompany you on your adventure, and you can progress without the social pressure of multiplayer dungeons. This is very similar to the trust system that has been in place since the introduction of Shadowbringers, but extends its reach beyond the main storyline dungeons.

FFXIV Update 6.1

Photo courtesy of Square Enix.

Goodbye Feast, hello Crystalline Conflict

The PvP mode in Final Fantasy XIV isn’t necessarily the most popular. This is probably why Square Enix updated their The Feast mode. The latter has been a competitive player versus player mode since the release of update 3.21 in 2016. Players had to compete to eliminate their opponents and collect their medals. The team with the most medals at the end of the game won.

To replace him, Endwalker introduces Crystalline Conflict. Each team can have up to five players, for a total of ten participants in the conflict. Players must take control of the crystal and deliver it to the specified location. Obviously, their opponents will want to prevent them from controlling the crystal themselves. This mode has a ranking system where players can move up the ranks for a variety of rewards.

To date, there are only three maps for the Crystal Conflict. It’s also important to note that Final Fantasy XIV’s PvP world is different from World of Warcraft in the sense that class skills in this mode are different from their PvE counterpart. . This means that the samurai spin you are used to does not necessarily apply to this mode. For better or worse, this is the direction Square Enix has chosen to take this aspect of its MMORPG.

So far, the new Crystalline Conflict has been well received by the community, as has the rest of the 6.1 update and the entire Endwalker expansion.

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